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The following are Rosemary Conley weight loss books currently available.

We have bought and reviewed some of the books in full. To read a review click on the link below it or to buy them and read other reviews by people that have bought them - just click on the images.

Eat Yourself Slim

Based on the recipes and menus that will feature in Rosemary Conley's television series, of the same name, this book has suggestions for those who want to enjoy fine food and control their weight, or lose some weight at the same time.

"Rosemary Conley's Hip & Thigh Diet"

The original Rosemary Conley weight loss plan sold millions and slimmed down the UK! It's easy to follow and includes loads of testimonies from people who have lost weight using the plan. Reduced from £5.99 to just £4.79

We own The Complete Hip and Thigh Diet! And we've reviewed it in FULL for you. To read our review click here

"Rosemary Conley's Complete Flat Stomach Plan".

At just £4.79 this book is a cheap way to get started on your weight loss plan and you get to fill up on lots of tasty recipes. For more info or to buy the book (via just click on the picture.

"Rosemary Conley's Metabolism Booster"

Many diets leave the body craving for food, causing the body's metabolism to slow down and burn off the calories more slowly. As a result, as soon as the dieter returns to "normal" eating the weight piles back on again. Rosemary Conley here sets out to demonstrate how, by eating more of the "right" foods, readers can "eat themselves slim" and stay that way. The book also includes chapters on exercises designed to boost the metabolism. For more info or to buy the book (via just click on the picture.

"Rosemary Conley's New Inch Loss Plan"

A four-week diet-and-exercise programme which contains menus, exercise routines and a fat table which lists foods to avoid. Rosemary's most recent weight loss plan costs £8.00.

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