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"Rosemary Conley - Fat Attack" - video

Rosemary Conley - Fat Attack Video -  Click here for more info or to orderThe most popular Rosemary Conley exercise video on the market. This vid costs £9.99 and gets 5 out of 5 stars by reviewers and one says,

"I have had great fun with this video. The exercises and music are both very good and I found myself wanting to do the routine again and again. I would recommend this for anybody that wants to do some exercise without going over the top...The video is well priced too for what you get. "

Rosemary Conley's Whole Body Programme 3: Aerobics and Beyond " - video

Rosemary Conley - Whole Body Programme 3 - Click here for more info or to orderOne UK purchaser of this £10.99 exercise video wrote:

"Rosemary Conley is pleasant to watch and her workout is great. The 55 minute workout contains a solid warm-up and preparatory stretches; a 20 minute aerobic workout, with high and low impact alternatives; and body toning and stretches (floorwork). Rosemary does not use skinny barbie dolls on the background; she uses women who have actually lost weight through her programme, but still look like normal human beings. The filming is great and very clear. I had no problems following what I was supposed to be doing. The same goes for the low impact exercises: they are very clearly shown"

Rosemary Conley's Whole Body Programme 3: Aerobics and Beyond " - video

Rosemary Conley's 5 Day Fat Burner - Click here for more info or to order this videoThe exercises that promise to burn up our surplus flab are divided into five 10-minute sessions, followed by body conditioning and a cool-down. She recommends doing one session each day, with a day off every four days, so as not to overdo things. The idea is to step up our level of fitness gradually, until we can fit the sessions together into one mammoth workout.

The people accompanying Conley on the video have all successfully lost weight with her programme.The menu planner at the end is introduced with sensible information and deliciously piled plates, reminding us that, though we may be on a diet, we certainly don't need to starve.

At only £9.99 this is an ideal video to get you started losing weight and toning up - fast!

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