Rosemary Conley's Complete Hip and Thigh Diet

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Rosemary Conley's Complete Hip and Thigh Diet

The book contains the following chapters. Click on one of the links below to read about that chapter or keep scrolling down to read all of them.



  1. Measurement Record Charts
  2. 'It works! It really, really works!'
  3. Binge no more!
  4. 'Yes - this diet really does slim hips and thighs!'
  5. The 'Tum and Bum Diet' for men
  6. Eat your way to better health
  7. 'This diet changed my life'
  8. Thighs of Relief - Hip, Hip, Hooray!
  9. The Diet - extended version
  10. Recipes
  11. The value of exercise
  12. The Hip and Thigh Workout
  13. Cellulite: Do the various treatments help?
  14. The Maintenance Programme
  15. Living life to the full
  16. A guide to fat in food - the complete tables
  17. Extra help is available - exercise cassettes, videos and postal slimming course

Measurement Record Charts

At the very front of the book is a printed measurement record chart. You can use this chart to enter the date, your weight and your measurements. It's useful to have this chart within the book so you can look back at your progress whenever you use the book.

'It works, it really, really works!'

This section includes extracts of letters sent to Rosemary by people who used this diet and successfully lost weight. The letters all include the writers weightloss, initial and final weight and many include their measurements and inch loss statistics. They're really inspirational to read before you start the diet and when you're feeling unmotivated.

Binge no more!

In this section Rosemary explains how she used to be a binge eater when she used to diet but since starting the Hip and Thigh diet the amount of carbohydrate (potatoes, rice, pasta etc) included in the diet means she always feels full so doesn't feel the need to binge anymore The section also includes letters from successful dieters who have found the Hip and Thigh diet has stopped them bingeing.

'Yes - this diet really does slim hips and thighs!'

This section details where people lost their inches after following the plan. eg. 92% lost inches from hips and thighs, 60% from tummy, 43.3% from thighs etc. It also includes letters from people who said that although they were not hugely overweight they always had a problem with heavy hips and thighs but the diet reduced the inches from those places without them losing weight on their bust or face.

The section is followed by a Weight and Inch Loss statistics section. This a basically a table which shows the weight and inch loss results of people on the diet. It includes their measurements, weight, height, age, how long they were on the diet - how much weight they lost by the end.

It's really useful because you can look for the details of someone about your height and weight and see how much they lost and how many inches!

The 'Tum and Bum' diet for men

This section includes details of how men lost weight using this diet. It includes letters from both men and women saying how they/their husbands followed the plan and lost weight off their tummies and bums.

Eat your way to better health

This section talks about health and how eating a low fat diet can help improve various health problems. It includes letters from people who found their health improved in, amongst others, some of the follow areas after following the Hip and Thigh plan - cholesterol, constipation, gallstones, heart disease, PMT etc.

'This Diet changed my life!'

More inspirational letters from people who followed the diet, lost weight and inches and found that it had changed their life for the better!

Thighs of Relief - 'Hip, Hip, Hooray!'

Rosemary sent out questionnaires to all the people who had lost weight using this plan. In this section she explains the results of the questionnaires and how people felt about following the plan.

The Diet - extended version

This is where you're told about the diet! This section explains what you're allowed each day - 1/2 pint skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, 1 alcoholic drink (optional) and 100ml fruit juice. The diet is then broken down into breakfast (cereal, fruit or cooked/continental), lunch (fruit, packed, cold, hot) dinners (starters, main courses: non-vegetarian, vegetarian, additional notes for vegetarians, desserts, drinks, sauces and recipes).

There is there a list of all the suggested meals you can have for each of these meals. e.g a fruit breakfast of a Banana Milk Shake (there is a recipe at the back of the book) or 200g baked beans served on 25g slice of toast or Homemade muesli.

There over 35 different breakfast suggestions, over 80 lunch suggestions, 30 vegetarian dinner suggestions. You're unlikely to get bored on this diet!

Some of the suggestions you can use a recipe to make, others you can buy in a supermarket (such as baked beans on toast). You don't have to spend forever cooking with this plan!

There is also a Daily nutritional requirements section, a forbidden list (food high in fat) and a binge corrector menu.


In this section you can find all the recipes for some of the suggested menus in the 'The Diet - extended version' section. There are plenty of suggestions for packed lunches and vegetarian dinners as well as the great fact you get to have dessert on this plan - such as pears in meringue or raspberry mousse! This is a huge section of the book with tons of recipes.

The value of exercise

Here Rosemary explains the benefit of regular exercise, the different sorts of exercise and how it can help speed up your weight loss.

The Hip and Thigh Workout

This section includes examples of exercises you can do in your own home. There is a picture of Rosemary doing the exercise alongside a detailed explanation of how to do it!

Cellulite - Do the various treatments work?

Rosemary discusses the myths about cellulite and explains what does and does not work when it comes to trying to shift it!

The Maintenance Programme

Here Rosemary explains how you maintain your weight once you've actually lost it! The section includes what you should eat and what you should continue to avoid.

Living life to the full

This is a kind of 'mini psychology' section about the benefits of losing weight and the mindset you need to achieve in order to lose weight successfully and keep it off.

A Guide to Fat in Food

This section includes a list of loads of different kinds of food and the amount of food in 25g. Consult this table if you're thinking about eating something but have no idea whether it contains hidden fat or not!

Extra help

This is just a page that tells you where to write to if you want to complete a postal slimming course or get Rosemary Conley products through the post.

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