Detox Yourself - Jane Scrivener

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  • Banish cellulite
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost your immune system
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve your complexion
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This book provides a 30-day programme to rid your body of excess waste and toxins. The programme should cleanse the body and organs, enhance circulation, boost the immune system, banish cellulite and promote optimum energy levels and glowing skin.

It includes a self-assessment questionnaire, food lists, recipes, exercise plans, self massage techniques, dry skin brushing, posture, breathing techniques and other suggested complementary ways to enhance the programme and speed up the detoxing process. There are also ten-day, five-day and mini-detox programmes which can be used for maintenance.


Reviews - The claims of this book are high: the Detox programme will increase your energy levels, boost your immune system, lose weight and even banish cellulite--and all in 30 days?

Scrivner, a member of the British School of Complementary Therapy, devised the Detox programme after years of treating harassed and "burn out" clients. The programme (not a diet) is a means to spring-clean the body, ridding it of the built-up excess wastes and toxins accumulated from our modern-day lives of stress, pollutants, processed foods and physical inactivity.

So what's involved? At first, it does at first seem a rather severe regime. There is a strict list of foods not to be strayed from, there is a cold shower every morning, daily exercise to be taken, plus combinations of other activities such as tonics, dry skin rubs, massages and breathing exercises to fit in.

As the author says: "it is a total body experience, holistic in approach, that works on every part of the body--internally and externally". The skill of this book is that it does actually convince you to try the programme--if not completely strictly, then at least at some personably attainable level.

There is an excellently digestible overview of the programme, discussing why we need to Detox and what it means to be "toxed" in the first place. The tone is upbeat and encouraging and its assurance that results will be felt in a matter of days is both inspiring and believable. -- Abi Frisby


Review by someone who bought the book

Detox Yourself is a fantastic book. It is easy to read, doesn't use too many fancy medical terms and is very motivating. I would recommend that you read this book, and go ahead to do the detox program.

I had been feeling generally lethargic and my skin was lifeless. I bumped into an old friend who had just completed the program, and she looked incredibly glowing, so after she told me about it, I embarked on it myself.

Always very skeptical of these kinds of programs, I went at it not really expecting too much. After only a week, I felt so good, I couldn't believe it. And it only kept getting better and better; after 30 days I felt so great, and people kept commenting on how well I looked and how beautiful my skin was!

It sounds unbelieveable, but I tell you, it's true!

I basically do most of the detox things in my everyday life now as a matter of course, once you're used to it, it's really easy and you don't really think twice about it. I rarely had any colds after I detoxed, my immune system had been boosted and I felt so incredibly fit and healthy, it put me in a positive frame of mind to live my life generally.

Not only that, I feel so energised, I just have so much energy now! Buy the book and do the program! You won't regret it and you will soon be telling your friends about this amazing program, I guarantee it...!


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