Colleen Nolan - How She Lost 2 Stone

Colleen Nolan before her weightloss Colleen Nolan after her weightloss

Last year Colleen Nolan lost 3 stone by following Rosemary Conley's low fat diet plan and brought out a workout DVD (see below)

This year she decided to try something different and lost a further 2 stone! And here at we can reveal exactly how she did it! And IS suitable for vegetarians. It's all down to counting calories and dancing!

According to women's magazine Closer this is the calories counting plan Colleen followed:

Day 1 - Eat no more than 1,000 calories

Day 2 - Eat no more than 1,250 calories

Day 3 - Eat no more than 1,450 calories

Day 4 - Free Day. Eat what you want! (within reason)


According to the magazine Colleen managed to lose 2 stone in TEN WEEKS by using this diet and exercising.

In the press Colleen has been quote as saying that she doesn't like going to the gym so decided to create a workout video that replicates what she does like - dancing around to music. The result is "Colleen's Disco Burn!" We're going to get hold of a copy and review it but, for now, here's a link to Amazon so you can read more about it and check out the reviews.

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