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5:2 diet, alternate day fasting, Kate HarrisonNew! The 5:2 diet - what's all the fuss about?

We watched the Michael Mosley documentary and our mouths fell open at the amazing health benefits - not to mention the waistline benefits - of following a 5:2 fasting diet and rushed to the internet to find out more about it.

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Colleen Nolan before and after - how she lost weightColleen Nolan - How she lost 5 stone!

We're just as fascinated as the rest of the world when a celebrity loses lots of weight. So, how did Colleen Nolan do it? We reveal all!

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Paul McKenna - I Can Make You Thin - Book and CD ReviewPaul McKenna - I Can Make You Thin (CD and Book) Review

We bought the Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD/Book combo. We read the book, we got hypnotised by the CD - and then we stepped on the scales 2 weeks later! How did we do?

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You Are What You Eat - Dr Gillian McKeith - diet book review You Are What You Eat - Book and Cookbook

You've seen the TV show, you've watched the amazing transformations (the X-Factor's Michelle McManus lost EIGHT stone!), you've looked at your tongue and wondered what's missing from your diet? Now what?

We've bought a copy of Dr Gillian McKeith's book 'You are What You Eat' and her 'You Are What You Eat Cookbook' and we've reviewed both of them in full.

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Carol Vorderman's 28 Day Detox Diet - diet book reviewWant to know what all the fuss is about "Carol Vorderman's 28 Day Detox Diet"

Many of us will have noticed the new 'slim line' Carol Vorderman on the tele. But how did she do it?

We have bought copies of the book and video and have reviewed them!

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Coming soon... We review the fantastic book 'BodyDoctor' which combines a 6 week diet and exercise programme that promises to: take five inches off your waist, lose a stone (and) double your fitness'.

This months recommended cook book is Weight Watchers Vegetarian Cooking

Weight Watchers Vegetarian Cooking bookCosting only £3.99 this book is a must have for anyone vegetarian on the Weight Watchers weightloss plan! To read reviews of this book or to buy it (via Amazon.co.uk) just click on the picture.


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Billy Blank's Tae Bo DVDs reviewedNew! Read our Tae Bo video reviews!

It's the new exercise craze that promises you to "Lose Weight, Get Fit, Get Strong". It's an exercise programme based on punching and kicking martial arts moves, set to music and with Billy Blanks - the most motivating instructor we've ever seen!

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Feeling lethargic? Bloated? Skin lifeless? Ever thought about doing a short detox? Read our new review of one of the most popular Detox programs in book form! Click here for more info!

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